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DateStocks was launched in 2014 in response to the growing demand for fresh (Palm Dates) ingredients and has since become one of Europe's leading dry fruit suppliers.
We import, re-pack and distribute high quality of fresh Dates, Dry dates, Milled dates - Dates juice and Sliced Dates - all sourced directly from some of the most prestigious suppliers from around the world as Saudi Arabia - Algeria - tunisia - United Arab Emirates and other countries.
Despite our growth, there's one thing about DateStocks that hasn't changed. DateStocks still believe in supplying clients with a totally tailor-made service based upon our 'can do' and 'will do' approach to supplying our customers.

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Our Mission

What makes DateStocks different form other fruit suppliers is not only our experience and vast network of suppliers for all Dates kinds, but the fact that we really are a one stop shop for your fruit supply needs. From sourcing the product and helping to develop your recipes to blending and packing your product off, DateStocks can provide support every step of the way.

We are already familiar with the requirements in all areas of the modern food manufacturing industry And the consumer behaviour to customer.

So, whatever your Order is, whatever the quantity and, wherever you are, give us a call - our team of experts are always at hand to help.


What We Offer

DateStocks has recently updated the way of packaging plants and are able to supply you with any quantity you want in very good quality.
We have strong partners and suppliers and they are able to offer next week delivery on many products from the source countries.

Our strong technical team and suppliers ensure our products are the safe, high-quality ingredients that manufacturers rely upon and our experienced sales team can offer a vast selection of Dates ingredients in multiple formats packed in a size to suit you.

With a wide range of customers we have expertise in many different market sectors .